Little Flamingo's Little World

Once upon a time there was a bird called Flamingo. She had a baby bird that she named Little Flamingo, or Flaminguito. By the time Flaminguito turned one year old, she was doing a lot of funny things that Flamingo wanted to share with all the other birds in her flock. When a friend from the monkey exhibit at the Zoo told her about a blog, she decided to start one of her own...then two little baby blue birds came along and she added their antics to her blog, too...this is Flaminguito's blog.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Well, the weather outside is far from frightful, so we're playing in it a lot, it's been really nice, and we've been enjoying it.
Here are a few photos of our fun. The little blue bird is now walking...everywhere! And he's signing a few words, "all done" "more" "pig" and making kisses (just started last night and it's adorable, though I haven't been able to snap a photo of that). Please enjoy the photos! We sure enjoyed taking them! I'm going to rescue my new ream of paper from the baby bird.

warm winter fun