Little Flamingo's Little World

Once upon a time there was a bird called Flamingo. She had a baby bird that she named Little Flamingo, or Flaminguito. By the time Flaminguito turned one year old, she was doing a lot of funny things that Flamingo wanted to share with all the other birds in her flock. When a friend from the monkey exhibit at the Zoo told her about a blog, she decided to start one of her own...then two little baby blue birds came along and she added their antics to her blog, too...this is Flaminguito's blog.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby #3 at 5 months

Here are the latest pictures of our little bug, he/she is doing well at 22 weeks gestation. The legs were crossed the entire time so even if we'd wanted to find out, which we'd decided not to again, we wouldn't have been able to. Here's a peek at the little one. The big bird and the baby bird loved every minute of the ultrasound.