Little Flamingo's Little World

Once upon a time there was a bird called Flamingo. She had a baby bird that she named Little Flamingo, or Flaminguito. By the time Flaminguito turned one year old, she was doing a lot of funny things that Flamingo wanted to share with all the other birds in her flock. When a friend from the monkey exhibit at the Zoo told her about a blog, she decided to start one of her own...then two little baby blue birds came along and she added their antics to her blog, too...this is Flaminguito's blog.

Monday, March 24, 2014's a boy!
The blue bird said he's so excited because he'll FINALLY have a brother!
(sorry, Middle Bro, you've been outcast this time!)
He's healthy, and seems happy (although he keeps kicking me, so it's hard to tell).
The Big Bird is really excited, she was thrilled to still get to share a room with "Buddy," that's what she's named him for now.  And the Big Blue Bird has named him "Thomas the Train."  If we don't like that we have a backup plan, we all really like "Bob the Builder" so I think we're covered on names :^).  
The Little Blue Bird has no idea what he wants to call him, just "Mommy, there's a baby in yours tummy? Where? Hi, Baby."
I think the Big Bird was hoping for a girl, seeing all the pink she'd been storing up just in case, but she's quickly come around to gathering blue and finding cute baby boy clothes in stores.  This is the first time we get to plan for a boy, because we didn't know with either of the other two until they arrived.
He is expected to arrive July 25th or thereabout. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

As Winter turns to Spring, Birthdays start to sprout up all around us...Here's a little fun from the 5th Birthday Boy's Adventures and beyond!
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